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After School Rocks!

All Programs: Students meet in groups once a week for about an hour for about 22 classes a year.

Ages 8-12 Students start off with the basics then move on as a group to basic note reading (ensemble), they learn open chords from chord charts and basic accompaniment. Each student is required to participate in a year end concert celebration at the school.

Ages 8-12 By far the most fun you can have in groups of 30 or more, the class meets once a week for an hour to explore modern and classic choral tunes and students are introduced to rhythm, melody and harmony.

Ages 5+ Violin is a unique instrument that gives us the ability to teach to a wide age range of students. Using common teaching techniques that rely on rote communication regarding rhythms and notation, the class aims to have groups get a fundamental approach to the instrument including posture, basic techniques (bow and fingering), pizzicato. Students will learn a few classic selections that will be played as a group or solo at their school.

Taking elements from street percussion using sticks and pails plus using select
rudiments and practice techniques. This program offers our young drummers a rockin’ way to get into the world of percussion ending with a end of year performance.

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