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What makes After School Rocks what it is today is part hollywood, part the “itch”. Both are explained here.

In 1987, my Dad took me to see La Bamba for a night out- just him and I. His record collection was something that I was interested in very much and his stories about the artists and what they meant to him. He told me the story of Richie Valens and how he did such remarkable things with the odds stacked against him. His story was tragic and for whatever reason it really resonated with me. I went full steam into learning how to play guitar.

The “itch” will be defined as such: The burning desire to do something that people will remember me by. Something so special, so memorable that it leaves my imprint on this world that I existed once. To show that great things are possible even though the odds aren’t great. To inspire & motivate.

It was a combination that took me on the route of an artist that saw many great days of music & inspiration and many years of an artists salary- practically nothing. I worked hard but after years in the business but after years of work and many more hard nights ahead- I didn’t have much to show for it. I remember thinking at the time that I “wished that I had a job that gave me the flexibility to work at night on my music”- not dopey sales jobs and the like.

Years later as my life transforms into something better than I ever imagined professionally, I recognize the need for music IN the schools. I hear stories of the cuts in the education budget and how arts in the schools is being downsized to make room for the overall nation need for testing.

After School Rocks is born out of the need to do something great for kids: access to music education. It’s also my burning desire to provide quality gigs for our teaching artists- a win-win for the parent and the arts community.

To t My goal is to do what I thought to be impossible 10 years ago: Raise enough money to make the program free for everyone. Next year our goal is to raise $500,000 and have 100 programs in as many schools as possible. Add in our need to help the needy get access to music programs and you have the making of something special!

For more information on how you can help, call me at (718) 454-0100 x101

Daniel Powers
After School Rocks

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